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Who We Are

Since 1943, the Canadian Home Builders' Association (CHBA) has been "the voice of Canada's residential construction industry." Representing one of the largest industry sectors in Canada, our membership is made up of over 8,500 companies – including home builders, renovators, land developers, trade contractors, product and material manufacturers, building product suppliers, lending institutions, insurance providers, and service professionals.

Canada is an acknowledged world leader in residential construction, and Canadians are considered among the best-housed people in the world. We are widely recognized for our technological "know-how", highly regarded for our innovative spirit and well respected for the quality of the homes we build.

The Canadian Home Builders' Association is built on a vision and commitment - a vision of a strong and positive role for the housing industry, and a commitment to support the business success of our members and their ability to provide affordability, quality and choice for consumers.

What We Do

CHBA seeks a strong and positive role for the housing industry in Canada’s economy and in the life and development of our communities. In addressing this goal, we support the business success of our members. We work to ensure Canadians have access to homes that meet their needs at a price they can afford to pay, and that the interests of homebuyers and homeowners are understood by governments. And we provide information to Canadians to help them become more informed and confident when they buy a new home, or hire a renovator to improve their existing one.

The Canadian Home Builders' Association is one association representing the residential construction industry and serving our members at three levels - locally, provincially and nationally. All levels work closely together - when you join the CHBA in your area, you automatically become a member at the local, provincial and national levels.

Locally. Monthly meetings, social activities, newsletters, workshops, access to expert advice, marketing campaigns, demonstration projects, awards programs…a full slate of services and activities gives members the opportunity to make business contacts, gain knowledge, take part in marketing campaigns and build recognition with consumers. Our Association is actively involved in the communities where our members and their customers live and work. Through ongoing representation to municipal government, media relations and consumer education, we address important issues head on and have a strong presence that benefits members and contributes to housing affordability and the well-being of communities across Canada.

Provincially. Our members' interests are well represented at the provincial level, where the Association deals with a wide range of provincial government regulations, policies and other housing matters that affect their businesses-from codes and standards to infrastructure financing to environmental and consumer protection. Members are kept up to date on all provincial activities and developments. In addition, provincial conferences and awards programs provide opportunities for members to meet and network with peers from across the province and to promote their businesses. Education and training programs for Association members are organized at the provincial level.

Nationally. At the national level, the CHBA represents and serves the entire membership from coast to coast, and maintains the collective strength of the Association.
We advocate the interests of the housing industry with the federal government, making sure that political decision-makers and public servants respond to our concerns and priorities.

- We make representations to intergovernmental bodies where federal and provincial governments meet and make decisions affecting the industry. We report to our members on important national issues through regular newsletters, special reports and a wide range of other publications.

- We create alliances with private and public research agencies to promote solutions, innovation and demonstration projects that benefit both the industry and consumers. We join forces with national partners on marketing activities to inform consumers, promote professional new home builders and renovators, and provide business opportunities for members.

- We develop courses, workshops, educational publications and consumer materials for the benefit of members everywhere. We act as a forum for information sharing.

- We collect and distribute industry news. Through our Councils and Standing Committees, members exchange ideas and learn from each other. Our annual National Conference brings members together from across the country. And our website with a separate Members' Area keeps everyone up to date on the latest issues, developments and actions.

- We deliver training, advice and support for Association staff and volunteers across the country to support their efforts to deliver valuable services and benefits to members. 

How We Work

CHBA is one association working at three levels – nationally, provincially and locally. Our members join a Local Home Builders’ Association, and automatically become members at the provincial and national levels.

Each level of the Association works with the government at their level. And because many housing issues involve multiple levels of government, we frequently collaborate to ensure a consistent approach towards real solutions that will benefit consumers.

CHBA is a federal not-for-profit organization governed by an elected Board of Directors and a volunteer executive, supported by our professional staff.

At the national level, our system of Committees’ and Councils brings together builders and industry experts from across the country to share information and ideas, and to formulate recommendations to governments to improve the quality and affordability of homes for Canadians.

RenoMark™ Privacy Policy

RenoMarkTM Privacy Policy

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Basic Confidentiality Policy

It is the strict policy that personal information, such as your name, postal and e-mail address or telephone numbers, is private and confidential. Accordingly, any personal information you choose to provide is stored in a secure location, is accessible only by designated staff, and is used only for the purposes for which you provide the information (such as an email you send or to reply to your request).

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The CHBA Central Okanagan does not guarantee or warrant
1. the accuracy of the information provided by any of the RenoMark renovators listed on this Website;
2. the quality of the work performed by its RenoMark renovators;
3. the compliance by its RenoMark renovators to the RenoMark code of conduct.
You should make your own inquiries and obtain references as to the reputation of the renovator you select and ensure that you or your lawyer reviews all contracts with the RenoMark renovator you select.