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March 8, 2014
Home Builders Care!

Home Builders Care!

The Waterloo Region Home Builders’ Association (WRHBA) is pleased to announce the launch of a community cooperative construction project in support of Ray of Hope. Since 1967, Ray of Hope has been a highly-valued community outreach organization that provides care, hope and support to people who are disadvantaged, marginalized, or troubled.

With the combined efforts of WRHBA member companies including Conestoga College, a four week renovation got underway on March 3rd. The renovation will transform existing space into new offices, a reception area and a common gathering place at Ray of Hope’s King Street East location in Kitchener. Students from the college’s Centre for Construction Trades Outreach Program (CCTOP) and Women in Skilled Trades (WIST) will take part in the renovation alongside a multitude of WRHBA trades people, contractors and industry stakeholders who are lending their skills, expertise, time, talent and donations to offset the construction cost. Through this ‘living classroom’, students will get a first-hand account and exposure to the fundamentals of best building practices, to better understand how and what they learn in school translates to the work site.

Week one of the renovation has seen the demolition of existing interior walls, flooring and ceiling, and a great start on the interior framing. The WIST students have performed multiple tasks this week, learned many new skills, and will take those experiences with them as they look to engage themselves in the skilled trades work force.

Kevin Watts, President of WRHBA, who visualized at the beginning of his term, a large scale renovation project, knew that Association members would step up to the challenge and give back to our community in a meaningful way - because they care! Partnering with Ray of Hope is a natural fit for WRHBA as they are an outstanding dedicated charitable organization that is proficient in executing their vision of people investing in people, inspiring hope and transforming life. For further information on Ray of Hope and/or WRHBA please visit: - -

September 4, 2013
College of Trades

Ontario College of Trades
Why the Ontario College of Trades should be abolished: Interview with Garfield Dunlop, MPP (VIDEO)
Posted by Robert Koci on September 3, 2013

In this video, Rob Koci chats with Garfield Dunlop, a Progressive Conservative MPP for the riding of Simcoe North, about the possibility of abolishing the widely-criticized Ontario College of Trades (OCOT).

Garfield Dunlop is one of the leading political voices in Ontario when it comes to making plans to either close down – or dramatically rethink – the “College.” (Quotation marks added because this “College” will teach no courses and educate no students: it’s a purely regulatory body that will cost contractors $120 a year so they can appear “in good standing” on the College’s website.) But, of course, the Liberals, not Mr. Dunlop’s PC party, run the province. Repealing the Ontario College of Trades act will first require an election.

Dunlop is not “just” a politician (at Queen’s Park he is the “Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship Reform” critic).

He is, in “real life,” a licensed plumber.

Dunlop says he is expecting to receive his own $120 invoice from the College of Trades this fall.

What will he get for that money? Very, very little at all, as he describes in this video clip.

To add your voice to the opposition to the Ontario College of Trades, email Garfield Dunlop at  

November 24, 2012
Home Renovation Still a Solid Investment

November 3, 2012
Adding a bit of Green to your Home

October 27, 2012
Renovation Offers a Fresh Start

October 20, 2012
Fall is a Great Time to Renovate

November 22, 2011
WRHBA Renovators Support Reno Tax Rebates

November 22, 2011, Waterloo, ON - The Waterloo Region Home Builders’ Association (WRHBA) supports the provincial government’s plan to implement a Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit. Homeowners will qualify for a tax credit when they make a home retrofit for accessibility purposes allowing seniors to age-in-place, improve the quality of Ontario’s aging housing stock and stimulate the economy.

WRHBA President Jamie Adam said, “In an aging society it is important that options are provided allowing seniors to age-in-place and live with dignity in safe and familiar surroundings. Adapting and improving Ontario’s housing stock with retrofits to improve accessibility is an important recognition of our changing demographic realities and the value of renovations conducted by professional contractors.”

Adam commented, “We strongly believe that a renovation tax credit will encourage home owners to collect receipts and hire legitimate business rather than paying cash under the table. The underground ‘cash’ economy is rampant in the renovation sector and the Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit should help combat illegal activity.” Of the over $23 billion spend on renovations in Ontario, it is estimated over $5 billion is conducted by illegal underground contractors.

Earlier this year the CRA noted that 3 million Canadian participated in the stimulus focused federal Home Renovation Tax Credit, which gave the Canadian economy a shot in the arm in the midst of the worldwide economic crisis. Analysts have estimated it pumped an additional $4.3 billion in renovation investment into the economy as well as reduced underground economic activity through the collection of tax receipts.

The Waterloo Region Home Builders’ Association with 13 renovator members is the voice of the residential construction industry in Waterloo Region representing 250 member companies - visit for more information. The Waterloo Region Home Builders’ Association is proudly affiliated with the Ontario and Canadian Home Builders’ Associations.

Established in 1946, the Waterloo Region Home Builders' Association (WRHBA) is the official voice of the residential construction industry in Waterloo Region. WRHBA is actively involved in all facets of the new home construction and residential renovation industries. As a voluntary association with over 250 member companies, WRHBA's network of professionals effectively manage industry issues across the region including the cities of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and the Townships of North Dumfries, Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich. WRHBA's primary goals are to promote housing affordability and choice; and to build vibrant, prosperous and healthy communities through encouraging innovations and excellence in the planning and building of sustainable communities and in the redevelopment and renovation of existing communities. WRHBA works with and regularly facilitates discussions between the industry and the federal, provincial, regional, and local governments to establish fair and effective policies that affect development, building, and home ownership in Waterloo Region. 

Upcoming Events

March 3, 2014 – March 28, 2014
WRHBA Ray of Hope Renovation Initiative

WRHBA is pleased to annouce it’s renovation initiative at Ray of Hope!

Ray of Hope is WRHBA’s Charity of Choice for 2013-14 and that they provide over 200 meals a day, offer a wide range of programs and provide assistance to youth at risk and adults struggling to overcome poverty and homelessness within Waterloo Region. WRHBA wants to assist the ongoing good work performed at Ray of Hope through renovating existing space into new offices, a reception area and a common gathering place (see diagram 1).

The renovation itself will be overseen by members of WRHBA Renovators Council in conjunction with work performed by Conestoga College 2nd year Reno Tech students and Women in Skilled Trades. Students will have an opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom setting to an actual job site—thus everyone wins!

Looking to be a part of something great?! For further information contact:

Marie Schroeder, Executive Officer
Waterloo Region Home Builders’ Association | 519-884-7590
Please check back here for upcoming events.

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